Monday, February 26, 2018

Hello!! Updates and more....

It's been ages!!!!! I apologize for missing in action. I have just been so busy. I hope to post more regularly now.

There are going to be a few changes. This blog was originally created to share my natural hair journey and inspire other women to embrace their natural hair. However, I have grown since this blog started and therefore, developed other interests. I am an avid runner and vegan. I try to use everything, plant-based. You should already know that I use essential oils to support my systems and help me live above the wellness line.

So, with that stated,  I will be sharing along the lines of the things mentioned above.  Although I like to share information about things I am passionate about and can benefit others, I will be sharing family life as well. I want this blog to have a community-feel and not some sort of information site.

Some examples of thing that will be added to what's been shared, are my training for upcoming races, vegan dishes, essential oil recipes for wellness, parenting and family life.

I hope to see more people join this community and share as well.  I am so excited for what's to come on this blog.

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