Friday, June 2, 2017

How to make a Non Toxic Perfume Spray

In this video, I show you how I make my own Perfume Spray with Vodkas a base and essential oils.
In a previous post, I brought your attention to what "fragrance" constitutes and how your health is affected by it. I encourage you to try out recipes to make your own products. You can add essential oils for added health benefits. Essential Oil is a must for this DIY perfume because they give the perfume its signature scent.

The Base (Vodka):
Vodka is the result of fermented grain or potatoes that have been combined with water and distilled multiple times. This distillation process purifies the alcohol and creates a neutral substance or fixative that stabilizes a perfume's scent and prevents the essential oils from spoiling. Vodka as a clear, odorless and tasteless alcoholic beverage. Its popularity comes from its ability to blend well with other ingredients to make tasty mixed drinks, it has enjoyed tremendous success as a  diluting agent for perfumes 

Essential Oils:
Essential Oils are natural products and the ones from Young Living are therapeutic-grade which means when you inhale them, they support your emotional and mental health. You kill two birds with a stone, supporting your health and smelling great.

You need Base, middle and top notes to make your perfume. There is more information about this on my last post about DIY perfume


1/4 cup of 100-proof Vodka. 100-proof Vodka has a ratio of 50 percent water and 50 percent alcohol. I used Smirnoff which is a 100-proof Vodka.

1 TSP of essential oils. I found out that a tsp equals 60 drops. So I do 20 drops of each of my base, middle and top notes.

I prefer a dark glass to store my perfume but I think any perfume container is fine. If you want a more aesthetic look, especially if you want to give these out as a gift, you have a lot of options on But a regular blue cobalt glass bottle is fine, which I got from as well.

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