Monday, June 5, 2017

Do Not Sleep On Headwraps!!!

 One day, I decided to try on a headwrap for a change and I have not looked back since then. Seriously, It is the best protective style ever, if you can combine it well with your outfits. They are so stylish! I don't know why I shyed away for so long. The scarf in the first picture is the one I tried first. It is actually a ring scarf I got back in the fall, which I hardly used. I simply cut it to make it straight and wrapped it on my head. It is the same one pictured below in a different style.
  TThis one is another ring scarf I use in the fall. I also cut this one to make it straight. The style is very basic. I might do a beginner-friendly headwrap tutorial in the near future
I got this one from a Spring Street fair in NY.
made out of a shrunken dress(mistakenly placed in the dryer)
purchased from a spring street fare
  I am very happy with this type of protective style. It is so me!!!!.  Also, being that we are out  a lot more in the summer, the scorching heat of the summer can be very damaging. This  is perfect when going outside.Even with traditional protective styles like braids...etc., I will still be rocking these headwraps.

Watch out for more updates on this post. It is going to be packed with more pictures of headwraps!!!

What about you? Have you tried headwraps? What do you think of them?

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