Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quick Natural Hair Tip for Busy Moms: Stretching and Styling in One

On Wash-days,  after her hair has been moisturized, I usually thread little L's hair in about 10 sections to stretch her hair out, however, that can be time-consuming on its own. So now that her hair is longer, I am able to put her hair in about 20 twists and put those twists in a sock bun.

I use the sock bun, obviously, to make the bun bigger. But, it is just that, it is so convenient to "twist and bun". While her hair is being stretched, she is also wearing this as a style for an entire week.

For those that want to see it, I made a very short video.  Watch my other video to see how to wrap hair around a sock bun. It is the same technique.

What you do afterwards is totally up to you. You can take the twists out and let your child wear their hair out for the weekend. If you wash every two weeks like I do, you can flat twist or cornrow the hair in two sections for another week before you wash the hair again.

This is going to be a new series that I am doing, by sharing quick tips that are practical and effective for busy moms like me.


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