Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kid-Friendly Crochet Braids with Cornrows/No Needle used

This style was done back in February and I am just now editing the video for it. Nonetheless, I hope you guys like the style and enjoy the video.

The style was done on freshly-washed hair, slightly stretched using 8 chunky twists.

Products used to moisturize her hair are:
Camille Roses' Almond Jai Twisting butter and Style Setter

Crochets Twists used are pictured below. They are the perfect length (10 inches)for her age and easy to install.

  1.  Freetress Single Twist Large 10" - Color 27 - Synthetic Braiding

I love this particular brand because it was so easy to insert the end into the loop as it is big enough. The twists are also very shiny and soft. I used a pack and a few more twists from a second pack. Each pack cost about $6.  For this style, I did not use any crochet needle. The big cornrow(check out the video to see what the big cornrow is) was loose enough for me to pass those crochet twists through them. I only had to loop once and the twists stayed on for an entire month.

At bedtime, she wore a satin bonnet and weekly, I spritzed her hair with a light moisturizer, consisting of oil and water. However around the edges,  as it gets drier than the rest of the hair and tangles up quickly, I additionally applied Curl's Control Paste to "lay' them.  In general,  I really watch the edges and make sure they are moisturized and "laid", which will keep them stretched and tangle-free. I used a new toothbrush (bought specifically for that purpose) to brush the paste into her edges. Trust me when I say her edges get tangled easily.  Anytime water touches her edges, such as in rain or not properly covering her hair while showering, her edges just viciously get tangled. The only way to combat that problem is to watch the edges, moisturize it and keep it laid.

The "take down" was easy.  Since the loops were big, it was easy to find them and cut through them. Her hair was a bit matted after taking out the cornrows. I applied my DIY moisturizer and let it sit in her hair for a few minutes before I  was able to pull her hair apart. It was easy from that point on. I used my fingers to detangle and twisted her hair up in 8 sections in preparation for washing. There will be a video on that in the near future if it is God's will.

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