Thursday, December 15, 2016

Progress/Regimen for 8 year old's Natural Hair

Little L's hair(she will always be my little L) has grown so much. She has fine hair which is length  is hard to retain. However, I finally nailed her regimen
. Protein and moisture balance is very important to maintain in hair care. I use the same products  and regimen I use on my hair on hers. I now use heat to deep condition her hair. I have been seeing less breakage since we started the regular Deep Treatments. Her hair is kept in stretched styles all the time. Her hair is also not touched for a week at a time. I honestly prefer to wash her hair every one to two weeks because I have seen her hair improve since we have been washing her hair regularly. I also use the essential oil-infused homemade cream on her edges and her scalp on wash days. I usually have no need for re-moisturizing her hair daily because I use the LOC method to moisturize her hair on wash days. For more on LOC method, click here

I usually keep her hair in threaded plaits for a week after washing it. This keeps her hair stretched. After a week, I take down the threads and style her hair differently. That style is kept for a week and

then wash day is repeated. BloggerImage

This is her regimen. However, she wears long-term protective styles once in a while. Those are kept for only one month and then her hair is given a at least one month break for restoration of protein and moisture balance.

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