Sunday, November 20, 2016

Protective Style/ The Big Chop Wig by Toni Daley

I can't believe I regularly wear wigs now. I was never a huge fan of wigs because they looked so "wiggy" but thank God that they now make them look more natural . I purchased this one from and it is called the big chop wig

Here is what Toni has to say about this wig
" This is a synthetic half wig made from 100% Kanekalon fiber. I designed this wig to mimic the look of a tapered cut on natural hair. It is a very realistic looking wig that gets better with age. Half wigs are designed to sit behind your natural hair line for a realistic appearance."

Sorry, I did not take a picture of the packaging. My mind was not even on blogging when I purchased this. She also sent a pair of earrings and a headwrap for free!!! I thought that was generous.

It is a half wig but since I don't have a huge head, I can easily wear a half wig as a full wig. I have no intention of leaving any hair out. For this wig, I do not not feel comfortable wearing it as it is. It just does not look natural on me. It sits on my head way too high and makes my head look big. However, when I dress it with hats and headbands, it looks more natural.

So when I am in the mood for that funky look with huge earrings, I wear this wig with a headband or a beanie

When I first got it, I did not do any hair separation. I did a bit of trimming to get my desired length when it frames my face. but then two weeks after wearing it, I realized that it looks better when the coils are separated.


I also like the fact that the coils look like  Finger Coils but when you separate them, they look like Bantu Knot Out as pictured below. I have not washed it yet because I switch to other wigs sometimes, and do not wear this often. When I asked Toni on Instagram about what to use to moisturize the wig, because it looks so dry,  she said to use the Wig spray at the Beauty Supply stores. I am not a fan of those sprays.The sprays have such a strong fragrance that make me feel itchy. So I use Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir, which is basically a combo of different oils , just to give the wig a nice shine. BloggerImage
This wig does not shed at all and it feels so light. The wig cost $40 but I believe she is having a sale now.

Stay tuned for more reviews!


  1. Hi there - I have this wig and love it. I love the look you did with the beanie. Can you tell me what you did so the back wasn't bulky?


    1. Hi!
      So sorry for the late reply. I dont use it anymore for that reason. It just looks so unnatural. The only way by which I wear this wig is by using aheadwrap to cover the back.

  2. There are greater benefits of using synthetic wigs as compared to natural hair wigs because they are easy to maintain and durable too.


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