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Uses For Thieves Essential Oil

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So in my last post, I  shared that Thieves Essential oil from Young Living, can provide Immune support. Today, I have more stuff to share with you about this wonderful blend.

Oral Care:
Thieves Essential oil blend has effective antiviral, antibacterial and purifying properties that the company, Young Living, created a whole line of products from toothpaste to cleaning products. I use this blend for oral care and I have seen a great improvement in my oral health. It has also helped made my coffee-stained teeth become whiter. The wonderful thing about this oil and  their other body systems-supporting oils is that you can make your own oral care and body care products .without the addition of chemical that are ingredients in commercial products. I actually put few drops in water and use that mix as a mouthwash. You can also add this oil blend to baking soda that has been mixed with water, to form a paste, which can in turn be used to brush your teeth.

Cold Sore:
Oh my goodness, this oil gets rid of cold sores in a flash!! If you have ever had cold sores, then you would know how painful and unsightly those things can be. The over-the -counter creams for cold sores take days to weeks to work but the Thieves oil blend immediately stops the pain. Top the oil with Shea butter mixed with coconut oil, and the aftermath of the sore disappears immediately as well

I did mention in my last post about diffusing Thieves to purify the air and to reap immunity-supporting benefits.. If you work in an environment that has offensive odors or a high risk for illnesses such as shelters, hospital, classrooms etc., you want to try diffusing this oil to protect yourself from getting sick and smelling offensive odors.

Oh yes, you can male your own sanitizer with Thieves essential oil.  The truth is the commercial hand sanitizers have harsh chemicals that are toxic and  threaten your health. In future posts, I will share some recipes with you on how to make household and health products with essential oils. Because of its antibacterial property, Thieves Oil blend is effective in protecting you from germ-laden surfaces from door knobs to toilet seats. Young Living actually has a hand sanitizer that they sell on their website or you can make your own by adding aloe vera gel to the Thieves  blend.

Household cleaner:
You can add 5 to 6 drops of Thieves essential oil to water and spray your counter tops and other surfaces. It does what Lysol does, without the harsh ingredients, that you inhale, and in turn harm your body systems. It is recommended that you use a glass bottle as essential oils will erode your plastics, and the petrochemicals from the plastics may seep into your products. They sell an amazing  glass spray bottle on Amazon. Young Living also sell their own cleaner made with Thieves blend

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