Sunday, January 10, 2016

Crochet Braids|Protective Style and more

Oh my goodness, it has been ages!!!!!...

I am still alive!!!! Just really busy. I am trying to do this blogging thing because I love to share. I most especially, love to share now, more than ever before, because I have been on a journey of wellness using essential oils to support my body systems. Health is wealth, they say, and I must say that I have found essential oils to be the gift that God has provided to be well and remain well.

I have also tried a few DIY beauty products that are toxic-free that I will love to share with you. I will keep you posted. I have been taking pictures and will be shooting videos soon. This year, I will be back to blogging and doing DIY tutorials as well.

Of course, all things hair will be included. I have been wearing Crochet braids for the past 4 months (not the same one),
due to my extremely busy schedule.  I will try to squeeze in some DIY hair care and styling tutorials into my busy schedule.
I am wearing Freetress Waterwave in the picture above and below

This was after wearing Freetress Waterwave for a month. I cut it shorter for a new look. The picture below shows what the same Waterwave looks like, now, after six weeks, "horrible".

I just have not had the time to do hair. 
 But I promise to do a video soon. I am going to make a DIY curling butter and style my hair with it.


Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please contact me at


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