Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hair Updates|| Clay Washes||Essential Oils for Hair Loss and Scalp Renewal

So I took out the crochet braids and I am loving how my scalp is filling up.

I have been massaging my scalp with diluted essential oils (diluted with castor oil). I still have issues in the crown area for some reason. But it has improved a whole lot..

I don't have all the answers for natural hair, in fact, I make new discoveries every time and I will continue to share what I am learning about my hair. I have noticed that my hair does not like shampoos at all, it tends to get tangled(even when washed in sections).

Image result for bentonite clay
However, when I clarify my hair with Bentonite clay (which I mix with a tiny bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, water, and essential oils that stimulate hair growth),

my hair tends to stretch (as pictured above) and separates easily. So I am  to clays and co-washes. No more shampoos for me. The last time I used shampoo in my hair, even with its acidic pH range(Shea Moisture shampoo for thin and fine hair), I still got a lot of tangles, especially in the crown area.

I usually use Aztec Bentonite clay that I purchase from Whole Foods, but you can purchase it from Mountain herbs.

As you can see, the same clay goes on my face. For added benefits, I added some essential oils, to the clay mix. The oils I added are specifically for soothing and cleansing the scalp

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 In a future posts, I will share more information on how some of these oils can be used in different ways to combat hair loss, promote hair growth and improve the overall health of hair.


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