Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bantu Knot Out|Fine Natural Hair

So after washing my hair, I let it air-dry (with no products) in fat twists about 80%. Then I applied my homemade curling butter to small sections of hair.

I two-stand twisted each small section and bantu-knotted it. I had about twenty Bantu Knots.

I will have a video out soon on how I made the DIY curling butter.After about 8 hours, I unraveled the knots, separated my hair till I was satisfied with its fullness. There will also be a video for this style.

I am trying to not use a lot of products. So this curling butter, besides, being a styler,  also serves a sealant, which I believe, is all I really needed, after deep-conditioning my hair.

I tested the pH, which we know that products, within the same range as hair (4.5 -5.5) tend to seal the cuticles better.

It tested at 4.5. I am quite happy with this butter. It can also be used on the body and guess what? I did not leave out my essential oils. It is infused with essential oils that encourage hair growth, which is great for the skin as well.

Stay tuned for the video!!

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