Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do-It-Yourself Box Braids

This is my first time ever installing Box Braids. The courage to do these braids came from the uncomfortable feeling that came upon me when I walked into a braiding shop and a customer's scalp looked like it was being braided with the hair! In addition, they had an attitude, which really turns me off.

So I told my baby that mommy is going to braid her hair and she asked me if I knew what I was doing. I think she felt my nervousness but I calmly told her her hair would be beautiful . 

Anchoring the extension to her hair was challenging at first but as I did more braids, it got easier. The other challenge was the actual braiding. All the videos I watched showed underhand braiding and that has always been a challenge for me, So I decided to do overhand and that worked. 

They are not as neat as I would like them to be but since practice makes perfect, I know I am going to do better. The key to having smooth braids, besides the actual braiding, is having the extension pulled correctly (for tapered ends) so that there are no blunt ends that you will have to "clean" afterwards. Although, you cannot avoid not having blunt ends that stick out altogether, but you can reduce them by pulling the hair correctly. I personally do not pull a big bundle of hair as that is just way too much work for me. I pull the small section of hair that I am using at the moment. This method makes the process long but it is what I can do for now.

I don't mind that I spend 8 hours (broken into 5 hours on one day and 3 the next day), especially because, her hair is not braided tight and the edges were sectioned big. I braided her the safest way I knew  how and I am happy that I summoned up the courage to not put her hair in the hands of "professionals" that only cared about making money and not the health of people's hair.

I did not record a video because I did not think I knew what I was doing but a video might be useful for beginners like me, so maybe, next time, I will.

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