Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Finger "Coil-Out"

So, a month ago, I made a post about these finger coils (click on Finger Coils to see the style) styled with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Gel Souffle. After wearing that style for a week, I uncoiled the finger coils and got the result shown in the pictures above and below.

My curls were popping everywhere!. Don'st sleep on those products. They will really enhance your curls. I think to get the most out of their purpose, you have to set the style right. For me, it was finger coils that did it. So you have to play around with styles to see what works for you to get the best coils ever.

I kept this "out" style for a week and it survived heavy sweating from running and workouts(as shown in pictures below) I think the style lasted that long because of the gel souffle or the combo of both.
I definitely now know how to get my best curl-popping style. I don't like the style Finger Coils in itself but I will manage to wear it for a week just to get those curls popping for at least a week. I made sure to not spray with a liquid moisturizer to avoid frizzes and tangles I used the curl enhancing smoothie to  GENTLY moisturize mainly the ends.

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