Monday, July 13, 2015

Short-term Low Maintenance Regimen

So I switch things up because I quickly get bored with my hair. I have left the wash and go alone for now as I got tired of it.

I still wash my hair once a week. I am not playing around leaving my hair uncared for especially having color in it. I have to get my weekly treatments.

However, I have been wearing two flat twists
which really keep my hair stretched enough to avoid tangles. But before the flat twists, on wash days, I use the threading method to  stretch my hair for a few hours.

 Then I take out the thread and flat twist my hair. I pretty much have my hair in those two flat twists 
for a few days and redo them if needs be. I only moisturize just before I flat twist and my hair usually stays moisturized till I have to flat twist again.

This is a short-term regimen as I know I will be switching things up again, pretty soon. The reason I am doing this is to keep my hands out of my hair for days at a time and to enjoy my hair equally as I change up the style every two weeks or so.

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