Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Natural Hair and Fitness| Styling Natural Hair after a workout

So the picture pretty much explains my routine. 

I wanted to share my routine after exercising. I am very active and exercise daily. I usually sweat a lot and my hair ends up getting wet, sometimes soaking wet. It is just too much manipulation getting my hair washed after every workout routine, so I only wash my hair once a week.
 As shown above, if my hair is in twists or flat twists, I just blow dry it , without a diffuser or concentrator. My goal is to get hair dry and not shape the hair.  I try not to use heat in my hair so I blow dry on cool setting. I also have my fan on to speed things up. The process usually take about 30 minutes. I just want to stress that my hair is never completely dry. So I usually carefully unravel the twists and do not do multiple separations to minimize frizzes.

This is a Flat Twist-Out

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