Monday, June 15, 2015

Wash and Go on Type 4 Fine Natural Hair

I just realized that I have not blogged in about a month. Yikes!!! I have to do better.

If you follow me on Instagram then you would know I am very active. It is summer time and that usually means a lot of sweating from exercising. The only realistic style that works for my lifestyle,  if not a long-term protective style, is a wash and go.

I tried it last week for the first time in about two years. I got defined curls but my hair had no volume. After clarifying with Bentonite Clay and deep conditioning with Eden Bodyworks Jojoba and Monoi Deep Conditioner, I put my hair in 8 twists and applied Eden Bodyworks leave in conditioner and curling creme. My hair was not soaking wet, I had used a microfiber towel to gently remove the dripping water.  I also used a blow dryer  for about 10 minutes, without a diffuser because I was in a hurry. Surprisingly enough my hair was not frizzy
However I did not know how to preserve the curls so there was no second day hair for me. I just threw my hair in a puff

I was not giving up so I googled wash and go on type 4 hair multiple times till I landed on Naptural85's "My most defined wash and go" video. I watched the video several times so I don't miss any steps when I use her technique. 

What made a difference in my previous wash and go and the one pictured below is applying the styler on soaking wet hair for the one pictured below. I used the same styler mentioned above.

I also used a diffuser which gave my hair lots of volume. I only used the diffuser for 10 minutes and a concentrator ( to stretch the hair) for about 5 minutes. The dryer was set to warm and I blow-dried on low speed. My hair was completely dry after diffusing it.

My hair was bouncy and curly. I also noticed that, because I used a diffuser, I had no tangles and single strand knots. My hair just like being stretched.

I was so happy with the results that I decided to use her nighttime routine as well. She had banded hers in two sections but I banded my hair in 6 sections due to the short length. 

I noticed that the bands were not placed on the entire length. They were placed at the base and close to the ends. She did not state the reason why but  I think it is to ensure the curls are not far-stretched and hence preserved.

And so I got a fantastic 2nd day hair without having to add products again, and not even water. 

Also this morning, I ran and worked out, so the curls endured a lot of sweat and did not get ruined. 

I am hoping to get a third day hair. Anything after that is pushing it... I just know that because of my active lifestyle.


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