Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Third Day Hair|Wash and Go Type 4 Hair

Sooooo..... I am loving my third day hair. My hair is even more stretched than it was yesterday. I did the same nighttime routine 

and covered my hair with a satin bonnet. I also ran and did some focused workouts. So again, this style endured some heavy sweating. I have not added any water but this morning, I applied Eden Bodyworks Leave in conditioner to the ends because they were a little dry. I did some fluffing and shaping and that's it.

So far, I have not gotten any tangles. I think it had to do with the nighttime routine.

I love using Eden Bodyworks products because they make my hair feel very soft. Their products are very moisturizing. I don't even use the loc method to keep moisture retained. 

I may try to get a  fourth day hair. But that would be it because I have to cowash again.

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