Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Flat twist out with color

Can you tell I am loving my new color?

 Setting my hair to wear these kind of styles takes a lot of time and manipulation but I do not mind the fuss . I enjoy wearing my hair with color and as a result, I am going to be styling it quite a lot.

EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner
For this style, I used Eden BodyWorks Leave-in Conditioner and  Curl Defining Crème on damp semi-stretched hair. The conditioner was applied first before the styling crème. As pictured below, I flat-twisted my hair in about 18 small sections, because I wanted definition.

According to the company, the creme fights shrinkage. The only reason my hair is shrunk up is because my flat twists did not completely dry and I was pressed for time. Despite my hair not drying completely, my hair still came out more defined than I expected. I had minimal frizzes, which I usually do get when I have separated my hair for fullness.

I really love these products. I have experienced no flaking with them.

Maintenance: I make a few big single twists after I use a creamy moisturizer on the ends of each section being twisted. After a week, I will wash and repeat until I feel the need to do a protective style.

Have you tried Eden BodyWorks? If so, please share your opinions below.

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