Saturday, February 28, 2015

Crochet Braids again!!!

I know.....
I did state in my my most recent posts that I was tired of using extensions. However, this winter has been brutal. My hair could not handle the cold at all. So I reached for some Freetress water wave braiding hair and crocheted those into my hair. The good thing is it only took me six hours ( it was 15 hours or so the first time)to complete from braid pattern to actual crocheting.

I pre-trimmed each section of hair before crocheting. That helped a lot that I did not have to worry about "shaping" the hair once they were all installed. I also used the knot-free method in the front so it looked very natural.

I wore them for four weeks and I did not wash my hair in the braids. The hair in the front was installed at a micro size, so I was concerned that the hair could get tangled into my hair if I washed it. 

I moisturized my own hair almost everyday and massaged my scalp with my essential oil blend. They were very easy to take out. 

If you are interested, there are many tutorials on Youtube on how to install Crochet braids and some few ones on the knot-free method.

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