Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flat Twists|| Kids Natural Hair

So I have been trying to perfect my flat-twisting skills by flat-twisting often. They are just the best for little L's hair. They are so easy to install and remove.

After washing and deep-conditioning her hair. I let it air-dry for about 20 minutes after blotting out the excess water with a microfiber towel. Her hair was slightly damp but somewhat stretched in four jumbo twists, when I was ready to style her hair.

I used Jane Carter Solution Lock and Twist Gel as the styler. Before styling, I conditioned her hair with Shea moisture conditioner for dry hair. 

Her hair was parted from ear to ear, high up in the crown area. Then the front part was divided along the middle. Each side was divided into four small sections and flat-twisted from the middle to her ears. The back section was flat-twisted in small sections into a Mohawk. All the ends of the Mohawk were braided and tucked under. The four in the front, on each side, were braided together and adorned with beads.

I do this "strength in numbers" technique because it is the least risky for damage. She wanted beads so I combined multiple ends together in beads. The more ends that are together, the more breakage is kept at bay. 

am usually heavy-handed with moisturizers and oil when styling her hair. So there is no need to re-moisturize. After a week, I re-moisturize only the ends using a light creamy moisturizer and seal with oil. 

This kind of style usually lasts for about ten days.

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