Sunday, January 4, 2015

Chunky Flat Twists||Fine Natural Hair

They look like they are easy to install but they are not. What I find most challenging about these kind of styles is parting. I thought my arms were going to break off, trying to part in the crown area and back.
I have to do this more often to get better..

So, since my hair is fine, I made chunky flat twists. People with fine hair know that the smaller you section your hair, the bigger the risk for breakage( think of mini twists). 

In preparation for this style, It is imperative that your hair is stretched when doing this style. The process is just smoother and breakage is kept at bay.

My hair was washed the previous day and it was stretched by way of two strand twists. After moisturizing and sealing with oil, I applied Shea Moisture JBCO Edge Control and flat-twisted. I love that product because it captures all the short strands around my edges.
This style can last for a week if covered properly at night. It is also a great style for those active like me. Although it gets frizzy a little bit from sweating, it still looks presentable as shown above and below. I used an accessory to dress it up once It got frizzy. 

 I am not worried about the sweat because I cowash once a week.I just let it dry while standing by a fan.

Also there is no need to re-moisturize till take-down time. My hair still felt moisturized when I took the twists down. Your hair will stay moisturized longer if all the ends are tucked in.


  1. They look great! I HATE parting my hair because I bascially suck at it lol. And I am pretty rubbish at flat twists too. Need to practice so I can get mine to look like yours.

    I have quite fine hair and decided I wanted to try some "mini" twists back in 2013. They were not teeny tiny but the smallest I have ever done. They looked great but the take down...haven't done them again since.

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic! I think the parts "make" the hairstyle. When I take out my medium twists, I may give this a try.

  3. This hairstyle is beautiful and I will be trying to do it this weekend. Thank you for posting this.


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