Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Twist-out with Shea Moisture Castor Oil Edge Control

So after removing my last protective style  I decided to let my mane out for a few days. I enjoy wearing the out-styles when my hair is not in long-term protective styles. However, I do not like how crunchy my hair feels, when I use certain products to twist my hair. I always end up with breakage using products that provide a strong hold and definition.  

So I decided to try Shea Moisture Castor Oil Line for edge treatment. Even though it is mainly for sleeking the edges, I read somewhere on the internet that it can be used as an overall styler.
After washing and conditioning, I applied  Shea Moisture Growth Milk as a Leave in and moisturizer and then I topped that with the edge treatment. My twists were about 20. I used perm rods as shown to curl the ends.

 That is one fine product. My hair came out sooo soft, bouncy and shiny. I had definition too but due to separating my hair for fullness, I lost some of it. That always happens since my hair is so fine.

The product is  kind of runny. I thought it would be thick like Friz-free Curl's Blueberry and Passion Fruit Control Paste. However, the consistency did not affect it's effectiveness  at all. I have used it on my daughter's edges and it does what the company claims. It also smells delicious.

The curls lasted for a few days and could have lasted longer had I not put my hair once again in another protective style. Hehe... this hair is funny. The ends disappear slooowly with every manipulation. It is like the loss of length creeps up on you. So my weapon for that problem is putting my hair in protective styles.

Have you tried the Jamaican Black Castor Line, especially the edge control? If so, how did you use and like it? Please share!!!


  1. I haven't tried but I making a comment to tell you how amazing your hair looks in this twist out.

    #applause #standing ovation


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