Thursday, December 4, 2014

Marley Hair Bob with curly ends

So I did state in my last post that this hair of mine has to be protected. It is hard for me to retain length without protective styles. However, I am not obsessed with length. I just don't like the awkward length and if I let my hair out all the time, I would be dealing with that.

So my extension of choice for long term styles is Marley hair. This is because it is the closest in resemblance to my natural hair texture. It is easy to work with and maintain.

The brand that I usually use is the Janet Collection brand. This time around, I chose to use no 33, which has a subtle red tint to it. If I ever colored my hair again, it would be in the red family.

Again, like the last Marley twists, I used Curl's Passion Fruit Control Paste to blend the Marley hair with mine. I noticed that my hair did not stick out when I wore the last style with Marley hair. This is because of the control paste. It's effects lasted the entire time I wore the braids. The next time you are installing your own Marley braids, try the paste. You will love it!! That is guaranteed!

Anyways, as I am writing this post, I have had these Marley braids for more than two weeks now. They were starting to look very old and frizzy due to the big sizes.  I have steamed them with oils and a leave-in conditioner.

That even made them look frizzier. But steaming the Marley braids is the only way by which I can confidently get moisture into my natural hair.

So I use Curls' Blueberry Bliss Control Paste to lay down those edges.
 That stuff is just a miracle in a little jar. It made my hair look decent again that I can go for two more weeks wearing this style.


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