Wednesday, December 10, 2014

French Braids| kids Natural Hair|Protective Style

So we played with curls  ( twist out) for a couple of days and reality hit us with the cold weather. I just had to put her hair in a protective style. 

I had no time for a fancy style and she did not want to sit in the chair for a long time as well. So I decided to do two French Braids. I know those will not last for more than a week, which is okay.
With all that exposure to the cold weather, I had to re-moisturize her hair. So I ended up styling her hair slightly damp. Because it was damp and she has a lot of short hair( new growth), I had to use an effective edge control paste to contain those flyaways. 
I used Curls Blueberry a Blissful Control Paste around her edges and areas close to the part. I would  not advise to use this paste all over because it is very tacky and can make Cornrowing difficult. However, it does a great job making the edges neat and sleek.

 Doing this style on damp hair was not easy. It is best to do styles like these on super-stretched hair but I did not have the time for that this time around.

Overall, I love this quick simple protective style on the little one.

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