Monday, December 22, 2014

A generous Trim|Natural Hair

So after taking out the Marley hair, I pampered my hair with all sorts of goodness. Then I decided to do a twistout. I hated my hair. That was the worst twist out ever.  I did not take pictures because I just was really hating my hair. You see, when you reach this point, it is really time to do something different. I thought about coloring but quickly let go of that idea once I remembered how damaged my ends became from permanent coloring.

Anyways, I knew it was time for a trim but I was not going to be satisfied with just a trim. I got scissors-happy and cut a lot of hair. I am very happy with the results. My hair looks full and the ends look healthy. I got rid of that ridiculous tail in the back.

I guess because I wore protective styles so much, I got used to wearing unshapely "out styles". 

So, what's next in my journey? I can honestly say that I am tired of wearing extensions. I am not going to completely get rid of them but length retention is not my focus anymore. I want my hair to look full and I want to enjoy styling it.


  1. Your hair looks amazing in this photo. I love the cut!

  2. sounds like you may be ready to try the max hydration method band wagon, since it is about enjoying your own curls :) I do love your new cut! LOve the fullness!

  3. Cute! What style did you do to get these curls?


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