Thursday, October 23, 2014

Marley Braids|| Protective Style||Passion Fruit Control Paste

I mentioned in my last post that I would not waste time putting my hair in a protective style. As much as I enjoy my hair, it really benefits from "short-term" long-term protective style. Basically, my hair does well in protective styles that do not last longer than a month.

I love my Marley hair. It blends so well with my natural hair. I particularly love the Janet Collection brand. The company claims that it has a human hair feel which I found to be true. It is very soft and does not tangle.

To help my hair blend in perfectly, I used Curl's passion Fruit paste. 

If you have ever had a problem blending your hair into any braiding hair, try this paste. It is as effective as that gel they use at the braiding store, without the garbage that the  gel has. It is all natural and provides great shine.

It is also affordable at $7and great for laying down those edges. I guess I am giving a quick review of this product as well.

I used Jane Carter a solution Twist and Lock cream to moisturize each section of my hair before adding the Marley hair.
It has a perfect pH of 4.0, so it does make my ends curl perfectly. It is very softening and moisturizing. Even though it is a styler, it also is a great moisturizer. Then I sealed my ends with extra virgin Olive oil. If you suffer from excessive single strand knots and tangles in general, try adding extra Virgin olive oil to your regimen.

I used two packs of Marley hair, by combining two different colors, 1b and 33, which is like burgundy. The Marley hair cost $5 at my local beauty supply store. 

The Marley hair comes in strips. Each strip was cut evenly, lengthwise into two and then I divided the cut strip into three 
parts. I did that to get small-sized twists.

I will not be washing these at all because my hair would be a tangled if I did. 

Since I washed, hennaed and deep-conditioned my hair before installing these, my hair should be alright for a month. I will need to clean my scalp regularly with diluted Apple Cider vinegar because of my active lifestyle. Of course , I will be moisturizing lightly once a week or so. I don't do the heavy moisturizing which can actually result into excessive build-up at the base of the braids. That usually leads to breakage so no Bueno for the heavy moisturizing. I will use only water mixed with Aloe Vera juice and grapeseed oil.

I did not film this because I have a couple of videos on how to do Marley hair. 


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