Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Marley Crochet Braids|Janet Collection Marley Hair

It is that time of the year again for protective styles. I was getting bored with my hair anyway, so I decided to put it away lest I damage it with over- manipulation.
 I just love Marley hair. The Janet Collection brand  (noir) is very soft and believable, since the texture is close to type 4 hair. 

I separated each strip of Marley hair into two before crocheting.

After installing the hair, which took only 4.5 hours (as opposed to the first time when I spent 13 hours or so), I decided to go for a wavy look. 

So I used yarn to wrap small sections of the hair.
I used the Corkscrew method to get tight curls but that was a big fail. Some of the sections did not curl properly  and dry completely.

I was pressed for time, so I gathered the big hair into a low ponytail, as shown above and called it a day.

Later on, I installed two strand twists all over, which I wore for a few days.
But I was not feeling those twists at all. If I wanted twists, I would not have installed  using the crochet method..
 So I tried using Yarn again to curl the extensions. I was so confident that it would work better on twists than loose hair.

I was right. I got fabulous tight curls using yarn to curl Marley Crochet braids. I used the corkscrew method again. I added coconut oil to the hot water before dipping the hair, hence the great shine you see. It took me  1.5 hours to curl the hair because I dipped them individually. 
I absolutely love it. I have a video which I promise to upload in less than two weeks, if you are interested.
 I only untwisted the twists after removing the yarn. I did not separate any further because I wanted the volume to increase naturally as it gets older. Besides, my hair was still wet when I separated the twists. If I had separated further, it would have been "frizz town" all over my head. 

I will post more pictures of what it looks like as it gets older.

I don 't think I would keep these for more than a month because I am not washing this hair. I will be using diluted Apple Cider vinegar to treat my scalp a couple  of times per week. I will post more on maintenance soon.


  1. So beautiful! Wish I had the patience to complete such a style. I swear my arms start hurting after they've been up in my hair for 5 mins!


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