Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crochet Braids with Marley Hair| Update

So I decided to open up the hair some more and got this  semi-big hair. I absolutely enjoy wearing my hair like this because it is believable.

So I use diluted ACV on my scalp to clarify and I spray my scalp with SheaMoisture  African Black Soap dry scalp elixir and then rub it with a little bit of Castor oil.  I will not be washing this hair because it tangles a lot and if it is not detangled regularly, it turns into one gigantic frizz-ball. Besides detangling, I trim the frizzes off.

At night, I wear a satin bonnet and in the morning, I just fluff  it back to shape. 

I had to re-curl on Sunday, as shown below,  because I had gotten a lot of frizzes over a few days, from exercising and running.
The look keeps changing and that is what I love about this hair. The curls come out in different patterns. I only use that method of threading with yarn, to curl the hair.

As the days went by, I embraced the frizz more and more. It got frizzy because I had to moisturize my own hair and of course I separated the hair some more, hence the big hair.

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  1. I like this look on you. The picture of you in the polka dot blouse is gorgeous!


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