Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My hair is still out and free

I honestly do not miss protective styles. I love my hair and am enjoying it. I continue to use chunky twists and flat twists to set my hair.

I use whatever styling cream my hand gets a hold of. They are mostly Shea moisture products. As I am twisting cream leaves flaky residue on my hair so I do not use it anymore. 

My styles only last for a day due to my hair being so fine and the humidity. I would usually wear a puff afterwards for a couple of days before I re-twist again. 
Sometimes, I do not get defined twist out as shown above. I just accept whatever my hair does. I truly appreciate the versatility of my hair.
I don't even care about length retention and growing long hair anymore. This only means that I am not thinking about protective styles at all. Let's see what happens during the colder months.
One thing is sure though, I moisturize my hair everyday. Since I manipulate my hair so much, I need it well moisturized to make it pliable. I also do frequent oil treatments with the steamer.


  1. Your hair is gorgeous and it's so full now!Amazing!You are definitely taking care of it and it shows!

  2. You look great. I hardly ever leave my hair out because it is just so drying. I think 4C hair hates being let loose.



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