Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tiny Curls in Twist Out||kids Natural Hair

I don't leave her hair out a lot because it is just better-managed in a protective style. But once in a while, I let it out and she enjjoys wearing her hair out took

I now know which product to use for soft bouncy and shiny curls.
This curling butter is an amazing product for curl definition. It also provides great shine. I use it as the last product in the LOC method for moisture retention. It does a good job at keeping her hair moisturized for days. 

For this style, I twisted her freshly- washed hair in 12 parts. To keep the twists stretched, I banded them up in two pig tails. Her hair was left to  air-dry overnight.

The twists were taken out with a little bit of oil to prevent frizzing. Of course it only lasted for a day.  She plays tennis every morning and is very active, so wearing a twist-out  the whole week would not work for her.

So  I put her hair back in about 20 twists for the week. During the weekend, she will wear the twist out again.

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