Monday, July 14, 2014

Out and Free|| My Fine Natural Hair

Soooooooo I have not had the urge to put my hair in a protective style. I just don't care about length retention at the moment. Besides, I am beginning to believe that protective-styling is not the only way by which my hair can retain length. Although, I retain more when it is in protective styles. However, my hair tends to thin out after wearing protective styles for months at a time( four weeks and repeated).

I have been wearing the twist-out style a lot and my hair has gotten fuller. My regimen is so simple. However, I do manipulate my hair almost daily for the purpose of moisturizing it.  If I don't, it would be tangled and I definitely would experience breakage. 

I use the LOC method to moisturize my hair and it stays soft and manageable. I put my hair in about ten twists during exercise and at night time. I always stretch the twists to help prevent my hair from getting tangled.

I feel so free and much better than when I improsoned my hair in protective styles. Now, I  am not saying that I would put my hair in protective styles again. I know they will be useful in the colder months, however, I plan on having my hair out sometimes during the colder months. My goal is to gain fuller and healthier hair.

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