Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Wash and Go"-like|| Fine Natural Hair

I love the look of "Wash and Go" but hate the single strand knots I get from it. I also do not like the shrinkage from the traditional "Wash and Go". They also take forever to dry and set.

 So I made up a concoction using Mainly Aloe Vera juice and Glycerin. There is some water and a little bit of Kinky Curly Knot today
in the concoction too, but at very low percentages. 
This mixture keeps my ends so soft and  helps them remain detangled. I usually spray a small section of hair with the concoction, seal with oil and
Shea moisture Growth milk for fine hair. This is what they typically call the LOC ( Liqiud, Oil and Cream) in the natural hair community. This LOC method helps seal moisture into the hair for a long time. Then I add a styler before twisting it in small sections.

In the picture above, I used Curl's Control Paste as the styler.
That stuff is heavy so I try not to be heavy- handed with it. I applied it to the individual twists focusing more on the ends.

So I make about 18 twists. I then divide them into two sections( left and right) and band them up to keep them stretched. Because they are banded up, the twists are never dry when I take them down. This is how I get the "Wash and Go" look. I experience some shrinkage but not a lot since I stretch my twists. The Glycerin also keeps moisture in my hair giving me that wet look, even though my hair is not wet. 

 I re- twist at bedtime, but I wet my hands first before twisting, so my hair could be pliable for twisting. I do not spray water on my hair directly, I only wet my hands, so my hair can be slightly damp. The water re-activates the products so there is no need for piling up products only to reap product  build-up in my hair.

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