Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Twists||Roll Tuck and Pin

So this was my hair of the day yesterday and today. Two strand twists can be so boring. I have got to style them daily. Thank God I am only leaving them in for a week 

For the first day, all I did was sweep over the twists diagonally to one side.

Then I pinned down the shorter ones that did not reach the other side. The ends were rolled and tucked over. I then secured with pins.

And today,
I sectioned the twists into two equal parts, front and back. I rolled the front part backwards and tucked the twists under. I secured with two bobby pins. The back part was rolled up, tucked under and secured with two pins as well.

I do not touch these twists without applying oil first to them . Since I am touching them so much, they can get very frizzy. Applying a little bit of oil to my hands when manipulating the twists combat frizzes. This will also help make a nice twist- out.


  1. Every time I see roll, tuck and pin I can't help but think of stop, drop and roll. You hair looks great!


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