Monday, June 16, 2014

Twists||Roll Tuck and Pin

So my hair cannot handle excessive manipulation. Since I have been kind of doing that lately, I decided to twist my hair. They are medium-sized, so no worries about breakage.

Since I  am very new at doing the Roll Tuck and Pin styles, and I love them so much,  I styled my twists like so. It was so easy. Naturally, the hair loses volume once contained in individual plaits or twists. So when doing the RTP styles with twists,  I just have to work on creating a big volume effect on the twists.

As stated in a previous post, I am currently staying away from long-term protective styles, so these will be kept for only a week. But the RTP styles will change daily.
To minimize matting, I am only spraying the ends with water daily and seal with oil. The whole twists will be oiled sparingly every day to keep the twists from tangling around one another.

Overall, I am very satisfied because my ends are protected from all that heat and I do not have to worry about my hair till the end of the week.

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