Friday, June 6, 2014

Roll Tuck and Pin 2|| Fine Natural Hair

Can you tell I am loving my RTP styles? OMG! Why hadn't I tried this before? I guess I have the length now that allows me to style easier. 

This one took about 5 minutes and there was little manipulation. I still need to work on using fewer pins.

My hair was stretched from being in 6 jumbo twists hours before. My hair was not completely dry from being moisturized. I think the humid weather is to be blamed for that. This is another reason Roll Tuck and Pin styles are so perfect for the summer. They save the day when the twistout is acting crazy from being so moist ( humidity). They also protect the ends from the scorching heat.

In my opinion, even though I style my hair almost daily, it is not a lot of manipulation that is being done to it.  I do not even comb my hair. I mist and apply a light creamy moisturizer before bed, and then put in about 6 big twists. I further use two long threads to African-thread the twists to further stretch my hair. 

With this style, my hair was not completely dry. That actually helped my hair to be more pliable for this style. I  compiling these styles and once I get comfortable, I will make a video on how to do them. They are so easy though!

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