Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Results of simple Hair Regimen||kids Natural Hair

Little L's hair is growing nicely. Although we had some setbacks, her hair has improved as a result of not practicing unhealthy styling habits. 
I know I have used extensions in the past, however, I have eliminated that from her regimen. She tends to get a lot of shedding after removing extensions.

I prefer Flat twists, medium-sized single twists, medium-sized single braids, African Threading as our methods of styling. These methods are kind to her scalp and her hair has been filling in nicely. Well, we also use castor oil on her scalp a few times a week. 

I also do not keep styles on her for more than two weeks. With fine hair, you cannot wait too long before you detangle, especially  on kids this young. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way but I am glad that I found out soon enough.

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