Monday, June 9, 2014

Kids Natural Hair||Cornrows and African-Threaded Corkscrew Plaits

Trust me she loooves her hair, she is giving the Diva face here!!!

So little L's hair has been doing great in terms of moisture  and elasticity. Thanks to Shea Moisture Kids Hair care Line. I will be doing a full review soon on those products.

We have not used African threading  for a long time. So I decided to revisit but I did not want it boring, so I combined cornrows with African Threading.

The cornrows were done around the edges (CAREFULLY), to catch her new growth that easily breaks off from being loose.

The single corkscrew plaits were done using African Threading. You can control the length of the plaits by how much you push the hair up when threading. I do not have a tutorial, however, Girlsloveyourcurls does here

I used the Shea moisture for kids' detangling moisturizer and the curling butter to moisturize and style her hair.
The ends were heavily sealed with coconut oil. This is because those threads can be drying to the hair. It is best to soak them in oil before using them. You can also reuse them, in fact the old ones are oily and better on the hair.

I do have a way of adding beads to her ends to prevent damage. If you are interested in how I do that, please watch the video below.



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