Sunday, June 1, 2014

FlatTwist-Out||Fine Natural Hair

Okay, so it's the weekend. That means, I let my hair out today.

My hair was previously rinsed out in the flat twists I posted yesterday. I had to rinse my hair out because I I worked out my butt off by running 6 miles  and doing a 30 minute interval training to tone my body.

Anyways, back to hair postage. So I took down the flat twists ( I posted the pictures yesterday, check it out here) and put in about 12 smaller flat twists as shown below.
My hair tends to get frizzy at the ends so I always now put the ends on perm rods to keep them moisturized and super curly.

I used Shea Moisture Growth Milk from their Yucca and Baobab line, which is for people with fine and thin hair. That is all I used, no oils, gels and twisting creams. I also slightly sprayed each section with water before I flat-twisted.

There was a little problem though, the back was not completely dry so it was frizzy in the back. Next time, I will use very little water. The water was used to make the hair pliable.


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