Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jumbo Flat Twist|| Fine Natural Hair

So as as mentioned in my last post, you will be seeing more styles as I have laid to rest long-term protective styles for now. The reason is that I want my hair to get fuller. Even though, I achieved length with extensions, they tend to thin the hair out if they are used consistently. Also, to be quite honest, I am getting bored with extensions.

So this past week, I put my hair in  four jumbo flat twists. I absolutely loved it.

It only took me 30 mins to flat-twist my hair. I used Shea Moisture Growth milk from their fine and thin hair line. 

I plan on doing more styles like these during the week and wearing my hair out on the weekends.

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  1. my hair is extremely tough without relaxer application but not so bad when retouched. do i have cut my hair to go natural or should i just stop the application of relaxers and go on from there?


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