Friday, May 30, 2014

Effortless ponytail|| benefits of Protective -styling

Hello Readers!

Thanks to consistent protective styles, I can effortlessly put my hair in  a ponytail( more like Bunnytail)!
However, my hair has to be stretched. Putting my hair in a ponytail, when it is wet can easily big break my hair. 
I think I am satisfied leaving my hair out to grow out some more at this length. I can do more varied styles since it is longer.

I am trying to get my hair fuller and even though length is retained with long-term protective styles( with extensions), extensions can thin the hair out and easily wear out the cuticle, especially on fine hair.

I am on a no-extension challenge till further notice.

However, I still believe  in protective styles if you want progress in your journey( referring to people with fine hair). But they will not be long-term.  I am kind of bored with the long-term protective styles too. The longest I am keeping any style now is a week.

So you will be seeing more posts and more styles. I have not tried the roll tuck and pin styles for about four years. I will be trying those often and jumbo flat twists.

Stay tuned!


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