Monday, April 21, 2014

Simple Easter/ Church natural hairstyle for young naturalistas

I know this post is late. Little L 's hairstyle for Easter was a very simple Afro ponytail. Her hair was washed and conditioned two days before. It was left in 10 fat twists for two days. Those twists were stretched further by gathering them up in a ponytail and braiding the ends of the twists together into one huge braid.

To make the ponytail pictured above, I sprayed water all around the edges and sealed with castor oil. I used a "brushing" motion with my fingers to smooth her edges. 

Then I applied curl's control paste all around her edges( very little goes a long way).

 I used a brush with very soft bristles,  to smooth her hair around her edges. She has a lot of new growth, around her edges(have been applying castor oil like crazy) that is tightly-coiled, so this paste does the job by taming the hair.

  I used a Goody elastic ponytail holder to gather her hair into a ponytail. This can be purchased from any of your local drugstore for about $4.
I left a little room so it did not feel tight besides I don't want my daughter to get Alopecia for trying to be cute.  I added a big white bow in the front since it is such a simple style.

I added a tiny bit of coconut oil to the ends and fluffed them out and that is it! This is a one day style for her, so I took down the ponytail at bedtime and put her hair in four braids. Never leave hair accessories in the hair while sleeping. In this case, her hair needed to be released from the ponytail holder, to avoid unnecessary stress to the hair in the crown area.


  1. Adorable! Very simple hairstyle indeed! thanks for posting this. Have a great day!


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