Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mini Braids for kids| No extensions

So this is her first set of mini braids. I decided to braid as opposed to twist because mini twists are just evil on fine hair. I also planned to leave her hair in this style for  3 to 4 weeks.

Her hair was already stretched but I misted each section with a concoction of sheamoisture detangler and aloe Vera juice. Then I applied Nubian heritage masque to each section and sealed with Shea butter. She has high porosity hair and it needed to be heavily sealed to prevent premature moisture escape.

I braided till the last inch and twisted the ends. Braiding all the way to the very end  will mean a big headache for me when it's time to take them down.
I also parted each section with a pin-tail comb, using the pin part. The parts were sort of curvy.

I will be applying the sheamoisture detangler concoction to her ends daily, to prevent matting. The ends will also be sealed with either Shea butter or castor oil.

The whole process took about 4.5 hours and then I went running afterwards. No wonder I was tired running yesterday.

Anyway, thanks for visiting! Do not hesitate to ask any questions as long as they are related to hair and fitness:)

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