Monday, April 7, 2014

Easy Two Strand Twists|Senegalese Twisting Method

So these days , we have been keeping her styling regimen simple. And now that I use an effective method to twist her hair, her twists last for at least two weeks.

Two strand twists are my go-to style for her. They are classic and continue to be current. Moreover, installing them does not require too much manipulation.

Her hair was thoroughly detangled with Shea moisture extra moisture detangler, which I must say, is one of the best detanglers I have ever used. 

Glycerin, which happens to be the first ingredient in the detangler, works great for her hair. I sprayed her dry hair first with Aloe Vera juice before using the detangler in four sections of hair. 

After detangling her hair, I oiled her scalp and sealed her ends with Jamaican Black Castor oil.
I have been using Castor oil quite frequently to fill in her sparse areas and I am seeing results.

So her hair was damp before I twisted it. I used As I Am Twist Defining Creme
in small sections of hair that became medium-sized twists. But I also braided the roots before twisting. 

This keeps the roots frizz-free. I had to twist each strand anti-clockwisely before twisting both strands together clockwisely. I continued to twist each strand anti-clockwisely as I twisted both strands together clockwisely. The ends were twirled to make them curly.

This method really helps the twists this size,  to last for two weeks.

Maintenance: spray with Aloe Vera juice every three days and seal with coconut oil. I usually pat the oil on her hair to avoid frizzes. I also tie her down with a satin-like scarf, which keeps the twists "in shape". At night, the scarf is topped with a bonnet.

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