Monday, March 3, 2014

Mini Twists on Flexi Rods

I decided to roller-set my mini twists on Flexi rods since they were extremely frizzy. I am so glad I did because I love the results.
 I got lots of compliment and tutorial request. Unfortunately, I did not film a tutorial for this. I guess I did not think anything of it.

However, I am sharing pictures of the process below. So I had my mini twists for three weeks. I did not wash them the traditional way for fear of excessive tangling. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I am a runner and running sometimes make me sweat. So I use diluted Apple Cider Vinegar to clean my scalp. This stuff really works!  Then I spray just the ends with Aloe Vera juice and apply a moisturizing cream. I use a mix of Castor and Coconut oil to massage my scalp. Whatever oil is left on my hands, I use that to seal my edges and ends. I just explained my regimen for wearing mini twists for three weeks!

To achieve the curly look featured in this post, I put the twists on Flexi rods of the size shown below.

But before I set my twists, I moisturized them  with Aloe Vera juice, applied  Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Tamanu Anti Breakage Masque and sealed them with Coconut and Castor oil. It may seem like I used a lot of products for my fine hair, but I wanted to make sure that my hair was adequately moisturized for a week, since I will not be re-moisturizing for the entire week that I am wearing this style.
I gathered a bunch of twists at a time and applied Jane Carter's Solution Setting Foam to that section. 

I started rolling from the ends on one spot, at one end of the rod. Once the ends were smoothly rolled onto the rod, the rest of the twists were  rolled spirally, up to the other end of the rod. I hope I do not sound confusing. I think I had about 15 sets in total.


These  Flexi rods are not so comfortable to sleep in but they are better than perm rods and magnetic rollers.



  1. Love this- Thank you so much!! We will add to our social media pages!

    With love- JCS Team

  2. This mini-twist curly do is very becoming on you.


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