Wednesday, February 19, 2014

African Threading| Corkscrew Plaits with a crown heart

A week ago, I made a post about her desired valentine's day style. We made a center/crown Heart but her plaits were longer and joined together into three ponytails, as shown below.

However, we changed things up this week by shortening her plaits, as shown below. This was achieved by using the corkscrew method. I love this better because her hair did not get in the way during bath times.
Being that the plaits are big, they only last for a week and then you can re- moisturize and alter the style a little bit so it will look like a different style.

I spray the edges with aloe Vera juice and water and then seal with castor oil. I only moisturize once a week just before her hair is styled and it is sealed with castor oil as well.


  1. Aww, too cute! Little L is growing up :)

  2. Can I use weave thread to do this? Do you have a tutorial on it?


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