Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Steaming Results and Twist out from Havana Twists

Look at that Twistout!!!! 

Why can't my twist out be defined like this without extensions? This is what has been sitting under the Havana twists.

My hair came out so soft and silky. That Nubian Heritage Masque is the business. In my last post, I mentioned using this Masque to steam my Havana twists , a day before taking them out. This was used as a pre-take down treatment, to help with detangling. My hair came out so buttery soft and defined. 

I was tempted to keep the twist out for a few more days but my scalp was not having it. I have not washed my hair in four weeks!

So my hair is being "pre-pood" as I am blogging. I actually filmed the process. I feel like I owe my readers and viewers info on how I get the gunk out of my hair with no breakage.

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  1. YOu just gave me an idea. I was excited about untwisting my havana two strand twists for a twist out results using the hair. But to then get a new hairstyle after removing the hair is a fab idea! Thanks.


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