Monday, January 13, 2014

Protective Styles Files| Marley Hair Crochet Braids

Remember these twists shown below?
So, I kept that hair because that brand is the softest Marley hair that I ever used.
Well, I decided to put it to use again in a different form.

They make great crochet braids! They were so easy to install.  It took me 6 .5 hours( I am getting better because my last one took me about 13 hours to complete. 

I did not do a detailed tutorial because I already have a video on crochet braids. 
But I did show, in the video I made, what size of hair I crocheted and how I got the texture and shape.

I really don't know how I would maintain the extensions but my cornrows would be getting hydrated regularly.

I do not plan on washing this hair until week 4 and plan on keeping the style for 6 weeks.


  1. Your hair looks really wonderful in your new style. In fact, it made my eyes pop out of my head.


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