Monday, January 6, 2014

Prepping Natural Hair to take down extensions

Okay, so steaming your natural hair while you are wearing extensions is GREAT for your hair. You can be assured that your hair will be completely moisturized.

So imagine how soft and moisturized your hair would be if you steamed your hair in extensions, just before you take the extensions out. 

This process will help  with detangling and your ends would be in great shape.

The process:
I applied Nubian Heritage Masque generously, 

all over my Havana twists.
Then I went under the steamer for 45 minutes. I actually steamed my hair three times, because the steamer only runs for 15 minutes. 

I wanted to make sure that the back was well moisturized, hence the three times that I steamed.

I also had my twists divided into two to ensure localized moisturizing, that way no hair is missed.
My twists were so soft after the steaming and I just knew that my natural hair was butter soft. 

Stay tuned for the results!


  1. Hi, thanks for this tip! Did you rinse out the conditioner or did you just take out the extension immediately afterwards?

    1. I am so sorry for the late reply. I hope you come back and read this. No I did not rinse it out. I took out the extensions the next day.


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