Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Hair|Curly Afro|Fine Natural Hair

Okay, so I know my hair does not do "defined", and it looks better and fuller with some frizzes. You really have to embrace what your hair does and stop "beating it to submission". This is a note to myself.

I flat-twisted my hair very loosely with As I Am Twist Defining Butter and when I took the twists down, I did a lot of separation to get my hair full- looking. I also used a pick to lift the root. My hair was so soft and tangle- free. That twisting butter is not just a styler, it does moisturize my hair adequately.

I am seeing the result of my recent trim. My hair looks fuller and I just love the shape, whereas before the trim, I had a hard time shaping my Afro and other "out" styles.

I think this will be the last style with my natural, till a couple of months from now. God willing, I will be back in a long-term protective style by the end of the week.

My next protective style is a surprise ( if anyone cares.... LOL)


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