Monday, November 11, 2013

Mini Marley Twists| Invisible method

This style was not what I had in mind.I was going for loc extensions but I ended up doing the Marley twists too small for Loc extensions. I was going to wrap Marley twists with Marley hair to get the look of Locs.

   Nevertheless, I am happy with this style. The twists were so easy to install and I used less than two packs of Marley hair. I made the twists small by dividing one strip of Marley hair into  three and using one third of that strip for one twist. 

I also used the invisible method, which is twisting from the root, for the most natural look. I did not film this one but let me know if you want a tutorial.
I did not twist all the to the end because I plan on roller-setting them for more body and a different look, after a while. The ends were sealed using hot water.

As always, these wil be kept for 4 weeks, during which, my hair would not be washed. I do not wash my hair in extensions ( except for Crochet Braids) because I always end up with breakage when I do that. I will continue to use the same regimen I used in the most recent months for my long-term protective styles. It simply involves cleaning my scalp with diluted ACV about three times a week, after exercising and moisturizing afterwards. 

However, being that these are kinky twists, and the natural hair tends to separate from the Marley hair after a while, I am going to stay away from conditioners but only use Aloe Vera juice to moisturize my hair. I seal with coconut oil or NubianHeritage   growth and strengthening serum.


  1. Nice! The twists look very natural. I will like to see a tutorial. Does your technique cause breakage and tangling at the roots? Twisting from the roots does that to mine.

    1. Thanks Nat! You know the last time, I did the invisible method, I did not have a single breakage, however, the twists were larger. This is different due to the size. Taking them down, I believe you have to untwist in the opposite direction in which they were twisted. In fact I find the invisible method to be safer, as the shed hair do not tangle up my hair so much.

  2. Great Job! They really do look natural! :) Gorgeous!

  3. These are tooo cute....can you please do a tutorial on how you did these...I would love for this to be my next style

    1. Hi Linda. Yes.. I did film a tutorial when I was redoing the edges. I will alo have styles attached to the video.

      Thanks for visiting!


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